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Benefits of Theta Healing

Date Added: September 12, 2012 12:43:16 PM
Author: Quade
Category: Health & Fitness: Alternative Medicine

There is an excellent and effective variety of healing that has now become most popular and that is known as theta healing. It is a form of therapy where the practitioner does meditations and channels the healing power to the patients. It is easy to learn the skills of theta healing but it takes patience and practice to master the skill. In this form of healing the practitioner uses the natural intuition and helps others.


It is often seen that theta healing has changed the lives of many. The meditations and prayers educate the people so that the creative life force of the universe can be used to the fullest. This life force helps to heal the emotional and physical problems and helps in understanding the problems of the body. This therapy is perfect for those who have trust and belief in high and inner power.


In this type of healing the brain enters into a theta brainwave and gets direct connection and communication to the source. The theta brainwave would help you get a deep meditational state and this would help you get the information that is needed to heal the others. The healer uses a process known as muscle testing which helps him or her to understand the beliefs, blocks and emotional patterns of the unconscious mind of the patient.


After understanding the unconscious mind the healer uses theta healing for resolving the problem. There are manifold benefits of theta healing and these are: Healing of emotions: In theta healing the negative emotions of the patients are released and it helps in the healing process since the life progresses towards betterment. Often it is seen that the negative emotions are reasons for physical pain.


Thus it depends on the practitioner to understand the root of the problems by releasing the negative emotions. Spiritual enhancement: In this process the religious journey of the patients become easier since this healing process helps the patients to reconnect and have direct communication with the creator.


This healing enhances the spiritual growth of the patients so that the creator helps the patients to resolve the problems. Enhancement of creativity: With the help of theta healing you can increase the flow of creative energy within yourself. It can also be emitted outside so that everyone can see and feel your talent. Theta healing removes all the blocks and the obstacles that can cause hindrances to your creativity. Summary: Theta healing is excellent for its manifold benefits such as emotional, spiritual and creative growth, Shamanic healer UK. Theta healing Shamanic healer UK